I am chief legal officer of a major trading company headquartered in Helsinki, Finland and with operations also in Egypt.

In autumn 2017 I found Mr. Frederic Soliman as a suitable lawyer who has academic and language skills and personal powers of observation and empathy to fully understand our needs and business in order to anticipate necessary steps to be taken.

At first we needed to transact real estate and complete a complex inheritance issue. Mr. Soliman managed the entire process and delivered a favorable outcome within the expected time frame and cost estimate. His approach was both professional and pragmatic and resulted in a personal friendship as well; an important bonus when working in cross-border situations.

Mr. Frederic Soliman and colleagues have our full trust and support to handle all our legal affairs in Egypt and we look forward to continuing our relations for many years to come.

Laurent Knoops, Chief Legal Officer, Egico Trading Oy Ltd.