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Mohamed Hashish has over fourteen (14) years of experience in handling Corporate, M&A, Restructuring, Banking & Finance, Energy & Electricity, TMT, Construction and Public Procurement matters.

Hashish has been recognized by Who’s Who Legal and IFLR 1000 as one of the leading highly regarded lawyers in Egypt for 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

According to the latest assessment report of IFLR 1000, Hashish received a very positive feedback from the firm’s clients such as follows:

“Highly proficient individual with solid knowledge of corporate law.”

“Mohamed is very responsive, you can always guarantee that he will reply on the spot when you send him an email specially when its urgent. He considers all details in our emails and provides sufficient response and solutions. Mohamed has very good knowledge of the market and always provides us with the latest news of the market and any new laws or regulations that are issued.”

“Mohamed is extremely supportive, pays attention to details and is very helpful. He is in addition very reactive in his answers and always happy to bring support.”

Hashish advised over 550 multinational clients on matters related to his areas of practice including, inter alia, starting up and operation of their business in Egypt.

Due to his active practice and achievements, Hashish was appointed as (i) a Vice-Chair at both the International Financial Products & Services Committee and the Middle East Committee of the International Law Section at the American Bar Association for the ABA terms starting from August 2016 to August 2018; (ii) a Board member of the United Nations Global Compact in Egypt; and (iii) a Beachhead Advisor for Egypt at the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise.

Notable Transactions:

Outlined below the notable transactions undertaken by Hashish during his practice:

M&A and Restructuring:

  • advised ALSTOM with respect to the acquisition made by GENERAL ELECTRIC of the power and grid businesses of ALSTOM with a total value of approx. USD 13.9 billion.
  • advised ALAMEDA INTERNATIONAL FOR MEDICAL SERVICES with respect to the acquisition of the entire shares owned by INTERNATIONAL FINANCE CORPORATION in Dar Al Fouad Hospital.
  • advised ORANGE with respect to the acquisition of EUR 75 million equity in AFRICA INTERNET GROUP, which is the operator of Jumia, Easy Taxi, Lamudi, Carmudi, HelloFood, Kaymu and Jovago.
  • advised COCA COLA BOLTING BOTTLING COMPANY with respect to its acquisition of Crush, which is the commercial agent of Schweppes in Egypt.
  • advised INFRAMED with respect to an investment in the EGYPTIAN REFINERY COMPANY, the value of this transaction Value is USD 100 million.
  • advised MIDDLE EAST GLASS, a listed company in the Egyptian Stock Exchange, with respect to its acquisition of one of leading glass manufacturing companies “WADI GLASS”.
  • advised ENERGYA POWER & TELECOMS SOLUTIONS on restructuring issues in connection with its business in Egypt, Malta and Algeria.
  • advised PALM HILLS DEVELOPMENTS, a listed company in the Egyptian Stock Exchange, with respect to restructuring of its business in Egypt.
  • advised MINAPHARM PHARMACEUTICALS, a listed company, on the restructuring of its business in Egypt as well as incorporation of a complex structure outside Egypt with a four (4) tiers of SPVs in Malta and the Netherlands.

Banking & Finance:

  • advised EXPORT-IMPORT BANK OF THE UNITED STATES, KOREA EXIMBANK and KOREA TRADE INSURANCE CORPORATION in connection with a proposed petrochemical project financing transaction with a total value of approx. USD 7.5 billion, noting that MAYER BROWN acts as international legal counsel in this transaction.
  • advised PALM HILLS FOR DEVELOPMENT with respect to a syndicated loan of up to EGP 4.5 billion made available by Arab African International Bank (as Security Agent), National Bank of Egypt, Bank Misr and other 16 banks.
  • advised STANDARD BANK MAURITIUS LIMITED with respect to the facilities made available to non-Egyptian companies and guaranteed by assets held by Egyptian Companies, among other non-Egyptian guarantors, in the amount of approximately USD 64 million.
  • advised STANDARD BANK PLC with respect to release of security regarding a USD 100 million granted by Standard Bank Plc to a group of companies having a subsidiary in Egypt working on food and agriculture business, noting that JONES DAY acted as international legal counsel in this transaction.
  • advised ARAB AFRICAN INTERNATIONAL BANK with respect to a MTL of up to USD 42 million, noting that CLYDE & CO acted as international legal counsel in this transaction.
  • advised CIRCLE OIL PLC with respect to a contemplated senior facility of up to USD 100 million to be granted by IFC.
  • advised EUROPEAN BANK FOR RECONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT on the legal framework of granting a governmental authority in Egypt a loan for the purpose of developing the transportation infrastructure in a major Egyptian governorate.
  • advised, among other, EUROCLEAR BANK with regard to the regulations of securities, transfer of payments, requirements of reporting and disclosure, securities lending and borrowing, collateral regulations.
  • advised J.P. MORGAN CHASE BANK N.A in connection with the legal framework of using of its issued credit and debit cards in Egypt.
  • advised MORGAN STANLY on short selling rules in Egypt.
  • advised VIGO TRADING LIMITED with respect to the regulation of microfinance in Egypt.

Telecom, Media and Information Technology:

  • advised CHINA TELECOM (EUROPE) on a services level agreement with Vodafone.
  • advised E-FINANCE, an investment arm of a number of governmental banks in Egypt, on various projects in and outside Egypt including Iraq.
  • advised MICROSOFT with respect to (i) the mandatory TV and movie rating system in Egypt; (ii) a license agreement with one of the leading mobile devices manufacturers for using win8 on said devices; and (iii) regulations of data protection and privacy in Egypt.
  • advised AT&T with respect to MVNO licensing in Egypt.
  • advised TELECOM ITALIA (SPARKLE) with respect to operation of submarine cable in Egypt.
  • advised BRITISH TELECOM with respect to provision of telecoms services in Egypt and end users agreements.
  • advised CHEVRON in connection with installation of local telecommunication network inside its premises for the purpose of doing business in Egypt.
  • advised THE WORLD BANK in connection with providing services of the local and foreign professionals of law and accounting and Telecommunication Services (fixed and mobile services).
  • advised MIDDLE EAST BROADCASTING NETWORKS (AL HURRA TV) with respect to operation of its business in Egypt.

Energy & Electricity:

  • advised ENERGYA POWER AND TELECOMS SOLUTIONS on various power projects in Egypt, Zambia, Tanzania, Morocco, Spain and Malta including, inter alia, the following projects:
  1. supply and installation of distribution substations (11/33kV), medium and low voltage lines, transformers and connection of customers in un-electrified rural areas in Iringa Region in Tanzania with a value of USD 15 million;
  2. building of a high-voltage power line in Morocco with a value of USD 18 million;
  3. design, procurement  and supply of electrical and mechanical machinery, equipment and  associated accessories for the Kabompo 33kVTransmission Line Project for CEC Kabompo Hydro Power Limited with a value of approx. 10 million in Zambia; and
  4. El Zayt – 200MW Wind Farm Lot 2 Project in Egypt with a value of EGP 88 million.
  • advised ABU DHABI NATIONAL ENERGY COMPANY (TAQA) with respect to the regulations of the energy and electricity sector.
  • assisted THE UNITED NATIONS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME in creation of online database with respect to the energy and electricity laws in Egypt.
  • advised EGYPTIAN NATURAL GAS HOLDING COMPANY with respect to the launch of an Invitation to Bid for importing gas to Egypt for the purpose of using same by the electricity production companies in Egypt, noting that SLAUGHTER & MAY acted as international legal counsel in this transaction.
  • advised KOREA ELECTRIC POWER CORPORATION on potential investment in Egypt.

Public Procurement, PPP, BOT and BOOT:

  • advised the EGYPTIAN NATURAL GAS HOLDING COMPANY (“EGAS”) on the legality of entering into a direct contract, and not through a tender process, by EGAS with a contracting party importing gas to supplied through the national grid owned and operated by EGAS in order for such party to sell same to customers in Egypt.
  • advised, among others, a consortium composited of, amongst others, STRABAG in connection with a Public Private Partnership tender involving the design, financing, construction, operation, maintenance and transfer of ownership at the end of the contract of Rod el Farag Axis. Transaction value: approx. USD 1 billion.
  • advised SK C&C in connection with a DBFO tender involving the implementation of an intelligent transportation system in the Cairo-Alexandria-Alamein Highway and transfer of ownership at the end of the contract of Cairo-Alexandria-Alamein Highway. Transaction value: USD 15 million.
  • advised AL ADABIYA FOR MARITIME TRADE with respect to implementing a BOT concession for the establishment of a dry bulk terminal and quay at Adabiya Port.

At the educational level, Hashish completed a number of postgraduate courses including, inter alia, an International Trade Law Postgraduate Course at the United Nations’ International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization and University Institute of European Studies under the auspices of University of Turin (Italy), University of Fribourg (Switzerland), Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) and International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT).

Individually, Hashish assisted/continue to assist a large number of NGOs on a pro bono basis such as the World Bank, IFC, Programme on Governance in the Arab Region (which is affiliated to UNDP) and Transparency International.


Leading Lawyer – Highly Regarded

Hashish was recognized as one of the leading lawyers – Highly Regarded by IFRL 1000 in Banking & Finance, M&A and project development.


One of the World’s Leading Lawyer

Hashish was recognized as one of the World’s leading lawyers by Who’s Who Legal for 2016.


One of the World’s Leading Lawyer

Hashish was recognized as one of the World’s leading lawyers by Who’s Who Legal for 2015.


Hashish has over fourteen (14) years of experience and advised over 550 clients

Areas of Practice

  • Corporate
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Banking & Finance
  • Telecom, Media and Technology
  • Energy & Electricity
  • Public Procurement
  • Intellectual Property Rights